Industrial vacuum cleaner

Aspirateur Industriel puissant Industrial companies need to get rid of the waste produced as a result of their activities; therefore they need an industrial vacuum cleaner designed to serve this particular purpose; the waste may be dust and even waste of larger size, solid or liquid. Besides, there are several types of vacuum cleaners and each type is adapted to the category of waste we want to get rid of. There are several criteria to take into account when choosing a type of industrial vacuum cleaner available on the market. An essential selection criterion is the usable power of the vacuum cleaner; this power is the difference between airflow and suction. On the other hand, to express the capacity to transport the dust to the dust container, we use the term “airflow”, that is the amount of air passing through the vacuum per second. The power of an industrial vacuum cleaner can vary according to several factors; some of these factors can be the connection between the tube and the brush, the shape of the brush and of the vacuum itself.
“By Martin Decelles

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