For smokers, ashtrays are necessary because they are the only means of ensuring clean spaces by collecting tobacco ashes; these accessories intended for smokers come in various shapes and they can be made of any type of metal: aluminum, iron, silver or even gold, depending on the taste and the budget of the person concerned. Manufacturers no longer produce simple models of classic ashtrays and nowadays we can find on the market innovative ashtray models, some of which are able to absorb the cigarette smoke even in the car, which allows us not to worry any more about the cigarette or cigar odor which would otherwise remain in the air for hours and hours. One of the most popular models is the ashtray which reduces the amount of smoke in the room; this type of ashtray is equipped with a small internal fan which captures the smoke once the cigar or the cigarette is in the astray, so that most of the odor remains inside. There are even ashtrays of small sizes, called pocket ashtrays; this model can be easily transported while we move from one place to another. An ashtray is not only intended for collecting cigarette butts and tobacco ashes, as it may also have a decorative function, as it happens with the different models offered by the producers. It also acts like a smoke captor ensuring a clean atmosphere to people who visit us at home and car passengers.”By Martin Decelles

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