Loading dock

Due to global industrialization, trucks have become absolutely necessary. And so have loading docks used to unload truck cargo. To come back to the etymology of the word “dock”, it originally meant “mud channel’’ or “lock (canal)”. The term “loading dock” came into being with a similar meaning: something used for blocking, loading and unloading and therefore it is known today as a structure used for loading trucks in a warehouse, unloading or blocking trucks, etc.
Protection systems for cables and pipes are designed to protect against damage and abuse electrical cables and pipes with a diameter of up to 3 1/4 “. They also ensure a safe passage to vehicles and pedestrians in public, commercial and industrial buildings. The authorizations conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code 2008 Edition (art. 25) regarding the insulation of electrical cables and wires in theme parks, at carnivals, fairs and other similar events.


  • Made of polyurethane, non-conductive material
  • Linear Protector 36 “length
  • 5-bar lozenge-shaped plate surface
  • Warning signs molded on the cover or in the ramp
  • Interlocking modular design
    • Embedded handle for transport
  • Safety universal colors


  • Resistant to temperature and abrasion; high load capacity
  • Insulated electrical cables for safe human contact
  • Easy to calculate the length to use
  • Increases traction
  • Lightweight; easy to transport, install, pack and store; multiple lengths can be used
  • Can be easily transported from one place to another
  • High visibility


+Martin Decelles

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