Speed bump

A speed ramp, also called speed bump, is nothing but a hump placed on the road in order to force cars to comply with speed reduction to go over this speed bump. Speed bumps come in a variety of sizes available on the market, which can vary from a few centimeters to several meters. For example, the smaller types of speed bumps are located close to tollbooths. As for the larger types of bumps, these are used especially in urban areas in order to force cars to reduce speed on a straight road or near a school. However, the use of speed ramps is widespread nowadays, in order to keep vehicle speed down at specific locations. Besides, it is the easiest and most effective way to reduce speed as placing a speed ramp in a specific place is enough to force motorists to slow down. Moreover, there are different types of materials used to produce speed ramps so that everyone can find the type which best suits their needs and the budget allocated for this purpose. Thus we can find speed ramps made of concrete, rubber, PVC and other materials, so buyers can benefit from a large variety of possibilities. “By Martin Decelles

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