Portable Truck Ramp

portable truck ramp makes truck loading and unloading easier and more convenient. There are truck ramps that are heavy while there are also ramps that are lightweight.

Rampes chargement

Custom built

Rampe camion

Rampe camion

  • Height « : 6  to 12
  • Length plate »: 24 to 48
  • Length approach plate »: 21 to 42
  • Length clin« : 45 to 90
  • Wt. lbs.: 124 to 316

Businesses have used portable truck ramp for their and their customers’convenience as it makes business logistics more efficient.

Portable ramps are often lightweight and can weigh as little as 30 pounds. This means that they are easy to transport whenever and wherever you want. Even though they are lightweight, they cannot be under-estimated for they are tough enough to carry the weight of a minimum of 1000 pounds. Being portable, it can be a very good tool for businesses that requires frequent delivery of goods and frequent transportation. This portable truck ramp can be foldable or non-foldable. The foldable truck ramp is easier to store and takes little space while the non-foldable ramp is still easy to store but requires more space than the foldable one.